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Fizzy C Effervescent Vitamins


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20 tablet
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20 tablets.

Provides 1000mg vitamin C per soluble tablet
Can be halved if 500mg is preferred or for children over 3 years
Helps maintain a healthy immune system
Combats tiredness and fatigue
Uses stevia as a natural sweetener
Free from aspartame, saccharine, sucralose and artificial colours - suitable for vegetarians

What is Vitamin C Effervescent?
If you need a high potency vitamin C but are searching for an alternative to swallowing tablets and capsules - look no further - our Vitamin C Effervescent fits the bill! Simply drop these handy soluble tablets into water to make a tangy orange flavoured drink, free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. Deficiency of vitamin C leads to lowered immunity and a higher susceptibility to infections but unlike most animals, humans have lost the ability to make their own vitamin C. Not only that - we are also unable to store vitamin C in the body, so we must obtain it from our diet on a daily basis. However, even with a healthy diet, the vitamin C content of foods is affected by prolonged storage times, heat and water-based cooking. As well as supporting immunity, Vitamin C is needed for many important functions in the body including energy production and combatting tiredness and fatigue. It is also needed for the process of making collagen for our skin, teeth, bones, gums, blood vessels and joints, supporting resilience to stress and aiding the absorption of iron from our food. All the more reason to top up with a tasty drink that packs a powerful punch!

Why is ours better?
Each high potency soluble tablet provides 1000mg vitamin C to make a tangy orange effervescent drink which is free of aspartame, saccharine, sucralose and artificial colours. Vitamin C Effervescent is naturally sweetened with fructose and stevia and fizzes without the help of unpleasant chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate or artificial foaming agents.

Who is this for?
This is the ideal choice for anyone who doesn't like swallowing tablets and wishes to supplement with a high potency vitamin C. Perfect for those with busy lifestyles looking to optimise immune function and resilience to stress. Junk free, with a delicious natural tangy orange flavour, this is an easy way to ensure your daily vitamin C intake.

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