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New Hours, Safety and How To Shop Through Covid-19

by | Mar 22, 2020 | news | 0 comments

Opening Hours

From 26th March our new opening hours will be Monday to Saturday 10-3. We will remain closed on Sundays until this blows over.

How To Shop

There are various different ways to shop with us during the outbreak and we would very much appreciate your continued business.

You can also chose to have your food shopping delivered to you within a 1km radius. Ideal if you are self-isolating and fancy some fresh vegan cheese, or toilet roll. This is subject to staff availability but something we enjoy doing for you.

In Person: 

During opening hours you can either wait at the door to be served or enter the shop if you need lengthy advice or a bigger shop. If you enter the shop you will be asked to clean your bare hands with sanitiser at the counter. There will also be a limit on customers in the shop and you will, of course, remain 6 feet away from any other human.

By Phone or Email: 

We don’t sell online because normally we prefer to speak to our customers. This is a bit of a handicap in the current circumstances! You can view most of what we stock online using Google’s What’s In Store. (insert link ) This tells you what we stock and how much it is. You can use this to build an order before you ring or email.

Email us on at anytime for queries or with an order. To give payment or discuss something in more detail you can ring us on 0131-225 4291 from 10.30am.

We use Royal Mail and DPD. We charge £2.50 for parcels less than 1kg and £5 for parcels between 1 and 5kg.

Generally… These are very difficult times for us all. We all have something to worry about, whether it is our own health and livelihood, or that of a loved one. Truly very difficult and scary times. We have done our best to ensure that the shop is a safe environment for you to shop at and you can chose your level of risk exposure when shopping with us.

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